The winning combination: our experienced staff and our cutting edge equipment

We cannot mention all of our products and services without highlighting the great work done by our team. Conscientious and experienced, our production staff, although they work out of sight of customers, is an essential component of the success of each project. The variety of digital, screen printing and flexography presses paired with our wide range of finishing equipment (3D lettering, paint shop, customized cutting, kitting) allow us to offer unique and quality items in a short timeline and at very interesting prices. We are open year round, 7 /7 days, 16/24 hours. If you are looking for a partner with a great production capacity offering plenty of flexibility, contact us and you will see how we create WIN-WIN business relationship.

Important dates and acquisitions : Groupe DPI, a growing company since 1974

1974 : Fondation de Sérigraphie Drummond
2009 : Partenariat stratégique avec Tac-Tic Communication Marketing
2010 : Création du Groupe DPI Inc.
2011 : Acquisition de Logigraf Inc.
2014 : was lunch (USA brand)
2016 : Acquisition : Groupe Bo Concept Inc.

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