The DPI Group Inc. has acquired the Groupe Bo Concept.

Dear client,

It is with great pleasure that management at the DPI Group Inc. announces the acquisition of the

Groupe Bo Concept, a leading company in customized graphic solutions located in Anjou and in
operation for more than 55 years.

Synergy and complementarity

The DPI Group has been in acquisition mode for several years, with a view to obtaining the largest range
of expertise in displays, signage, commercial decor and retail installations. With the acquisition of the
Groupe Bo Concept, the DPI Group has become a leader in the international arena. The words “synergy
and complementarity” describe, in a nutshell, the reasons behind the acquisition. In the short term,
management does not plan on making any signicant changes. Clients will continue to do business
with their respective representatives, and the two companies will continue to oer their products and
services so as to meet all of your needs in a professional manner. Rest assured that you will be notied
of any signicant changes as quickly as possible.

A world of opportunity

Keep an eye on our communications. We plan on presenting our renewed commercial oer before fall.
We believe that this acquisition will allow us to better meet all of your needs, and enhance our business

For further questions, please contact us.

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