The DPI Group global solution makes sense when it comes to installation project for retail stores and supermarkets. Indeed, the DPI Group is proud of its installation team. With over 15 years of experience, our team of 8 installers is able to perform the work day and night, 24/7.
Here are the tasks that our installation team is responsible for:

  1. Project analysis
  2. Installation Plan
  3. Delivery coordination including kitting
  4. Installers scheduling
  5. Stores installation schedule
  6. Preparation of the installation equipment
  7. Location analysis
  8. Safety standards compliance
  9. Installation
  10. Quality Control
  11. Site Cleaning
  12. Customer approval
  13. Photography
  14. Installation report

Project management

Our multidisciplinary team has the know-how that will ensure the success of your project at all stages of implementation. At DPI Group, we work with our customers from the conceptual stage to the final installation.
Here are our 5 key services you can rely on:

  1. Project management (budget, specs sheet, schedule, product selection)
  2. Concept and Graphic design
  3. Production (printing, finishing, etc.)
  4. kitting
  5. Installation

Installers training

Our installers have completed several trainings offered by the major graphics manufacturers. Many of our installers have completed their 3M certification. In addition, all our installers know and respect the health and safety standards on construction sites.

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